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Find Hotel Rock Lititz 50 Rock Lititz Blvd. Lititz, Pa







Call Hotel Rock Lititz 717-925-7625
Find Hotel Rock Lititz 50 Rock Lititz Blvd. Lititz, Pa
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From the Rock Lititz Campus to Lititz to Lancaster to Harrisburg to Hershey, lots of adventures await within an hour of Hotel Rock Lititz. Farmers Markets, Craft Beers, Art Galleries, Americas Oldest Pretzel Bakery & Wilbur Chocolate are waiting for you. Our Staff can get you started.

Rock Lititz Campus

The 108-acre Rock Lititz Campus is a hub for the live event industry, set to enhance collaboration, innovation and creative partnerships of production professionals with a wide range of entertainment specialties.

Beyond the cool production stuff, Pod 2 at Rock Lititz is also open to the public! That means you can grab a bite at "The Kitchen" by Copper Cup, get some work done in a sleek co-working space, or even pump up at the fitness facilities. Feeling adventurous? There's a bike shop to rent some wheels, a climbing gym to test your skills, and even music lessons if you've always wanted to learn a new tune. Plus, they have an art gallery showcasing employee works, and you can rent out their event space for a special occasion! It's basically a one-stop shop for fun, productivity, and creativity.

Mickey's Black Box

Mickey’s Black Box is a world-class venue where the community can come to celebrate together. Proudly located in the heart of the Rock Lititz campus, this venue is hosts all genres of live entertainment events, including theatre productions, concerts and art shows, along with special events, weddings, private parties, corporate gatherings and any out-of-the-box idea that fits inside ours. We’ll see you at the Black Box.

What's Playing Next?

Lititz Shirt Factory

Originally a 20th-century brick factory, this meticulously restored space boasts three floors brimming with unique experiences. Lititz Shirt Factory is so much more than just a historical landmark. It's a vibrant hub buzzing with energy, where art, music, food, and community converge.

Enjoy a taste of local flavor with a menu designed around local flavors and in-house rewed beers from Collusion Tap Works. Explore curated collections of artworks, ranging from paintings to sculptures, each piece telling a unique story. Experience a diverse range of performances that cater to music and performance lovers of all tastes with electrifying concerts to intimate acoustic sessions.

Lititz Borough

Lititz offers a unique blend of history, modern amenities, and a touch of small-town magic. It's a place where you can relax, explore, and discover something new around every corner. So, why not come see for yourself why it was crowned "Coolest Small Town in America"?

Lititz certainly isn't a "sleepy little town" with our exciting events and festivals at all times of the year, you'll encounter our friendly locals & a welcoming spirit as you stroll our streets lined with historic buildings & discover the trendy shops and delicious locally owned restaurants tucked in between. That's the magic of Lititz – it blends its rich heritage with modern finds.

Lancaster County

Looking for a more urban energy? Hotel Rock Lititz is only 10 miles from the bustling center of Lancaster. Fun bars, high-end cuisine, art and coffee line this proudly quirky city.

Want more country fun? Lancaster County is known for its picturesque landscape and inviting communities. Experience farm life, witness Amish culture, hunt for vintage antiques and find a calmer pace.

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